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Everyone deserves to enjoy Abundant Life. Abide Ministries Retreats introduces ways to experience Abundant Life through reflection on selected Bible verses. Participants in our retreats will learn how to personally hear from God and, in so doing, begin to enjoy life in His Kingdom.

You will learn how to deal with topics such as true unity, decision-making, dealing with conflict, knowing God’s will, and many others. These are topics that everyone can benefit from whether you are married or single. Therapy and striving to change are often helpful in a marriage as well as individually, but Living Waters retreats offer something different, something more. If you want to learn how to let the Lord speak His truth in your daily life, come to our retreats. When you let the Lord in, you will experience a significant shift in the way you enjoy life and your relationship with loved ones.

Why Attend?

Time is valuable and limited. We know that you have a million other things on your to-do list and that “getting away from it all” is very rarely an easy task. But these retreats are something more than a quiet space. Choosing to attend means you are actively investing in your relationship with God and with your spouse if married. We know you will feel your time has been well spent and will pay back ten-fold.

Join us at our Abide Ministries Retreats to:

  • Restore, establish, and strengthen your faith
  • Actively dedicate time to your relationship with the Lord
  • Grow yourself and your marriage’s foundation in faith
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals and couples

Marriage isn’t a one-time commitment—it’s something we must choose daily, and we all know that some days are harder than others to do so. Regardless of if your marriage has been fruitful or barren, we will all stumble at one time or another. Because of this, we believe it is essential to arm individuals with tools and wisdom rooted in The Word to navigate the challenges that all marriages face.


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What is the Cost to Attend?

Other than lodging (Most retreats are held at Retreat Centers which doesn’t cost anything) and travel, attending an Abide Ministries retreat is currently no cost to you. We believe that the work we are doing for the Kingdom is so important than it needs to be available and attainable for anyone. If you have a friend or a group that would like to attend a retreat, please contact us and we will create a retreat to accommodate your location and interests.

If you are interested in donating so we can continue to host these retreats and share the Abundant Life message, please visit our donate page.

We’ll Give You the Tools and Wisdom to Navigate Your Challenges

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