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Abiding in The Vine

This is always our first and foundational retreat. Christ says that “Apart from Him we can do nothing”. Every believer is called to abide in the Vine – In Christ. This retreat shows us how to abide on a personal level – hearing from God, abiding in the Word, and understanding the fruits that comes from abiding.


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Blessings of Unity – God’s Best for our Lives/Marriages

This is usually our second retreat for those who have attended “Abiding in the Vine”. Most couples struggle with resolving issues and making decisions. Usually either the male and/or the most dominant personality of the marriage dictate. This retreat shows us the joy and promises of going to Unity with God together (not just us together). We can fully understand God’s will for everything in our lives and unity is a big key to this. This has moved couples from conflict and mediocrity to full joy and wonder – literally changing their lives in one weekend.

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Blessed with Every Spiritual Blessing

This retreat walk us through the Biblical books of Ephesians and Colossians, unpacking the meaning and practical application of how we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. We are called to receive and live out a supernatural life; so we more fully explore the beautiful truths presented together in Ephesians and Colossians.

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Christ, Clutter and the Calendar

All of our lives are too busy and full of activities and things to care for. This retreat walks us through an evaluation of these issues so we can restore margin, rest and joy back into our lives. God provides specific instruction as to the importance of having space and order in our lives and how to make decisions that will fulfill His purposes – resulting in very practical steps to live a life of freedom.

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Come to the Light

The spiritual realm operates with both light and darkness.  We who live in the natural world have difficulty discerning between the light and darkness, and often things appear to us to be grey. This retreat gives us the tools to absolutely know the difference, and thus to be able to live fully in the light where the wonder and joy of God's kingdom operates.


Discerning God’s Will

We are all called to live every day in the Will of God – however, most people think this is either unknowable or everything that happens to us is God’s will. Neither is true. This retreat walks us through how to receive the clarity of God’s will and know His specific instructions as He guides our steps.

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Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Forgiveness – it’s easier said than done.  As Christians we know we are supposed to forgive others, but often we live in relationships full of continuing conflict, anger and hurt.  As a result, we spend most of our lives in unforgiveness, falsely believing this offers us protection from further pain.   We confuse forgiveness with reconciliation. This retreat helps us understand how we can forgive everyone 100% of the time.  We explore how to work toward reconciliation, and how to live in freedom if reconciliation does not happen despite our willingness.  As we apply God’s wisdom, we gain the necessary tools to work toward true freedom and forgiveness in every relationship.

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Life in Joy

One of the odd things that most people can observe in Christians is that we tend to be sad and burdened. Not only are we struggling with everyday battles as does the rest of the world, but we tend to believe that we should meet the higher standards of the Christian life as defined in Scripture.

This retreat shows us that the Christian life is to be one of joy all the time and the keys to letting God lead and guide our lives and thus bring us this joy versus we striving ourselves and having no joy. We discover that this is not dependent on our circumstances but rather on our Spiritual life with God.

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Life in the Kingdom

One of the big questions in life is how come I, as a child of God, have such difficulty, when God is supposedly controlling all things.  The answer is that I am first living in the kingdom of the world, which is under the control of Satan and thus a place of destruction; and second that in order for me to experience all that God promises, I must be also then living in His kingdom.  This retreat explains the dynamics of these two kingdoms and then the choices we must make to live in the kingdom of God; and then all the benefits of living in the kingdom of God.


Life in the Supernatural

Do logic and intellect keep you from fully believing in the supernatural power of God at work in and through us?  Do you want to know more about living life in the supernatural, but aren’t sure where find solid Biblical teaching on the matter? Then this retreat is for you!  It will lay of foundation of Biblical understanding around experiencing the supernatural in a normal, healthy way as God fulfills His promises to us.  Instead of the supernatural being a rare occurrence, it will become a regular part of everyday life as God intended! 


Living in the Resurrection

Do you ever feel burdened or bored living the Christian life? Do you find yourself living life based on what you think you should be doing or serving out of your own capabilities and methods? To often, as Christians, we check boxes and fill roles, but fail to experience the fullness of what it’s like to have God’s power work through us to accomplish His will.  The New Testament Church was quite the opposite.  They lived in the power of the resurrection daily and experienced the awe of signs and wonders! They EXPECTED Christ’s resurrected power to be operating in, through, and around them all the time.  We should expect nothing less. This retreat gives us insight as to how we can transform our thinking and living into the same way of life.

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Living the Deeper Life – study of Malachi

Who hasn’t struggled at times with selfishness and lack of spiritual maturity? In the final book of the Old Testament, Malachi, God speaks directly to His people addressing these common issues. This retreat explores these challenges, not as condemnation, but rather as an invitation by God to live a deeper spiritual life in very profound ways. The result is to experience God at a much deeper level for all and to move forward in our spiritual growth. If you are ready to take your walk with God to the next level, this retreat is for you. 


Overcoming & Deliverance – Revelation from the Life of David

We all admit that circumstances in life are difficult and that many of our personal patterns affect the way we think, react and act out (go to fear, anxiety, anger, addiction, etc.). As much as we try, we seem to fail at overcoming the circumstances and being delivered from these patterns. This is true even when we have attended ministries and Christian weekend events that promised success.   Through a study of the life of David, this retreat gives us the ability to gain true success of overcoming difficult circumstances and truly being delivered from our patterns.  We will not just “manage” these better but be transformed so that we live in complete freedom.

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Overcoming Adversity

Everyone faces adversity. Jesus said we would. However, Christians are deeply confused about the source of adversity and thus the expected relief from adversity.  They tend to think that it is either all orchestrated by God or is all caused by Satan but allowed by God; and thus should not be consequential for as deep or as long as it seems to be in our actual experiences. This retreat goes into the depth of all the different causes of adversity and give specific remedies for all. It clarifies exactly what is going on in our lives and then gives us a pathway for resolutions.  With this understanding, we can then live in peace under all adversity, knowing what God promises.

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Overview of the End Times / The Remnant

With the re-formation of Israel as a nation, and all of the continued activity of the Middle East, interest in the promised return of Christ is growing. There are many books and articles written about the tribulation, the rapture, and the prediction of current events on the expected timing of the end times.  This retreat goes through a verse by verse interpretation of Daniel and Revelation and how we can understand history and current events in light of the truth of Scripture; and thus, how God would have us live in relation to what He has revealed to us about the end times.  Of particular importance is a little known concept called the “Remnant” that is critical to our understanding of the end times and how we are to prepare for, and live out our lives now as true followers of Christ.

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Possessing the Promised Land

One of the basic truths of living the Christian life is God inviting us to possess and continue to live in the Promised Land. As the Israelites learned after they crossed the Red Sea was not guaranteed since they had a choice to make of following him or refusing to go. The initial group of over 2 million inhabitants refused to go and wandered around for 40 years and never experienced any of God’s promises. the next generation accepted the invitation and did go and live fully in the promised land. This retreat helps us understand the conditions of God making these promises, are willingness to follow’s imitation, and then him giving us the power to be obedient to experience the promises – and to be a way of life throughout our life; where we will experience grand promises all the time.

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Prayer: Connection to Life in the Spirit

Have you ever wondered why some prayers are answered and some are not? What exactly is prayer anyway?  This retreat answers these fundamental questions. It gives us insight into the essence of prayer, the connection to our life in the Spirit, our wonderful ability to dialogue with God, and what the keys to answered prayer are. It opens our eyes to a whole new way of a beautiful an intimate relationship with God.

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Receiving & Exercising the Authority of God

Because most Christians tend to think only in the natural and function only in the natural world, we have very little understanding of the spiritual authority that God wants us to receive and exercise in our every day lives.  This retreat shows us the biblical truth of this spiritual authority available to us and how it is to become a regular activity of our normal living – which translates into supernatural things happening that only God can do through us in the circumstances that we face.

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Receiving the Wisdom of God

All of us lack wisdom about everything.  Although, we may consider ourselves skilled in making decisions, we have significant limits in our abilities.  Simply put, we can never know all the information because we are not God!  God knows things that only He can know, what is going to happen in the future, and what is around the corner.  This retreat will give us the tools to be able to receive the wisdom of God for all the questions, issues and decisions of life, and then to carry this advantage for the rest of our lives.

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The Battle of the Spirit vs. The Flesh: A Study of the Life of Jacob

All of us know too well the battle of the spirit versus the flesh.  We struggle with trying to stop certain things that we know our unhealthy for us and to do the things that we know we should be doing better.  This retreat takes us through a deep study of the life of Jacob as we learn the profound truths of the struggle and how to gain victory over the flesh so that we will live our spiritual lives as God intended – walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

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The Covenant

God’s Covenant is eternal: He promises to Bless us so that we become a Blessing – be living in the Spirit where we are receiving the love, power, and wonder of God and then giving it away – a flow thru process. This retreat walks us through the truths of this in both the Old and New Testament and how He gives us the power to carry out our side of the agreement to receive the blessings of His side of the agreement.

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We are Called to Be Prophets

The area of the prophetic seems to be very mysterious and mostly either unknowable or not trustworthy; and certainly relegated to only a few who have the true “gift”.  This retreat unpacks the truth that we all are call to be prophets since the prophetic is not just about foretelling but also about forthtelling; we will learn how to operate in a very healthy way as profits with each other so that we are truly exercising the gift as given by God and in unity with God. His purpose is to build up the body and we will be personally built up and then learn how to build others up in the process.

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We are What We Speak

As we live in a day and age where divisiveness is common, we are called by God to understand that our words matter.  This retreat will show us the spiritual truth that our words reflect who we are, what we believe, and that what we speak impacts who we are and what we believe. This operates as an interesting circle, it is to be fueled by Scripture and the power of God’s Word, which is to be thus spoken by us – to ourselves and to others.    This profound truth of profound spiritual growth is essential for positive living.

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Wonder of Walking by Faith

Without faith it is impossible to please God.  this retreat explains the basis for that statement. Why God asked us to live a life of faith?  Thus, why we will never be able to create a safe, comfortable life that can walk by sight and control; and how to enjoy walking by faith since the key is to understand the keys to faith:  That it all based upon Him speaking to us, and we believing what He speaks since He will then perform what He speaks on our behalf – and the wonder that He actually gives us the faith to believe – it is not up to us.  This will change our life completely since we will begin walking by faith and see Him working in supernatural ways.

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