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Living the Restored Life

Living the Restored Life

Assume we are entering a huge maze, enormous both in terms of its length and the number of choices required to finish the course. After a few feet, we must make our first decision. We may have only two ways to go, or there may be multiple choices available. A glance into each allows only a few feet of visibility, not really enough to know if it is the right choice. But, we must choose and move on. When we do, we soon discover whether our hunch was correct or if we are at a “dead end”.

If the latter is the case, we must return to the previous decision point and start over. If we are correct, we soon end up at another intersection, requiring another choice. This goes on and on. We find ourselves frustrated with the number of decisions and the time it takes to correct our errors. Sometimes, it feels like we are not making any progress and we begin to think we never will find our way out.


Now, what if we entered the maze with a cell phone and an app that provided an overhead picture of the maze? Whenever we came to an intersection, we could consult the picture and see what the screen reveals. And we find the correct choice has a series of abundant blessings and gifts for us as long as we remain on course. If that were the case, it would be much easier to traverse the maze, make decisions and enjoy the process. Our frustrations and fears would be greatly minimized.

Life can be like that maze. We can rely on our own judgment, utilizing our own choices. Or we can gain access to a bigger picture and receive guidance and direction to help us to our destination, while enjoying the journey. Living the Restored Life is really about that journey. It helps us to understand our time on earth was meant to be a wonderful blessing, full of joy and excitement. It points us to the source of direction and blessing. It helps us to visualize and perceive the journey. It allows us to experience life from a totally different perspective and to anticipate and expect awesome and magnificent experiences.

In this follow-up book to The Restored Life in the Kingdom of God, you will enjoy a unique opportunity to experience “true life” from a new and exciting dimension and to engage reality in that different dimension.

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