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“Adversity: But There’s Hope Ahead” deals with all the different causes of adversity and the respective remedies. The revelation given by the Father surprised me and was overwhelmed by these truths and how clear and beautiful are the remedies. I pray you will work thru and tell others since this is such a big area of misunderstanding and confusion for almost all believers.

Is everything that happens really God’s will?

All of us face adversity and usually wonder, How am I supposed to handle this? Some Christians think that, because they are children of the Sovereign King, God should remove it immediately; others live in a deep sense of “Christian fatalism,” the belief that everything that happens is God’s will, and any form of adversity faced is God-ordained for teaching and strengthening . . . when in fact, the acceptance of adversity actually serves to perpetuate it.

Using practical terms and application, Adversity: But There’s Hope Ahead tackles this by addressing:

  • the components of God’s original plan vs. Christian fatalism;
  • the types of adversities that exist; and
  • biblically based responses to each type of adversity.

Unlock the true remedies available to all believers and release your adversities—it’s time to live in the wonder and awe of God’s Kingdom!

Author Richard T. Case was working in management and consulting when he answered the call from the Lord to enter into retreats/events ministry. He holds a BS in Management and Finance from Bradley University, an MBA from the University of Southern California, and a seminary masters degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. A popular speaker and radio host, Richard resides with his wife Linda in Castle Rock, Colorado, where they serve as leaders of Living Waters Retreat Ministry.

From the Foreword

There is a great deal of brokenness all over the world today and everyone has experienced some level of adversity and trial in their lives. Some people ask “why does do bad things happen to good people” and others just accept it as a part of life. Most conclude it is luck or chance that some people are “more lucky” than others. This is particularly true when they see “bad people prospering” and thus conclude that there is really no way to truly understand or change their circumstances. This is particularly true when the belief is that God is in control so what is happening must be His will. There is also much confusion about pre-destiny and that God has chosen in advance what will happen in our lives and who will receive blessing and who will have difficulty.

In this book on Adversity, Rich Case examines Scripture in an in depth way to understand God’s perspective and what He has to say about how and why these things happen.

–David Dunkel, CEO of K-Force

Scripturally Based Remedies for Adversity

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