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Abiding in the Vine

abiding in the vine

Abiding in the Vine: Unity is an invitation to both groups, regardless of whether you are married or single. This invitation asks you to consider the abundant life promised to those who daily abide in God’s Word and who cherish the notion that a beautiful relationship with God is waiting.

It is my hope that this work brings married couples and singles into a deeper relationship with God.

For those who do meet with God regularly, Abiding in the Vine: Unity will take your learning and understanding into a far deeper level. For those who believe they are too busy, Abiding in the Vine will reveal the value and truth of making God a true priority. The church has taught believers how to study the Bible and learn about God in Christian principles, but rarely has it taught believers how to abide and experience the abundant life that comes through THE FRUIT of abiding.

This book will demonstrate both what abiding is, and importantly, how we are to rely on the Holy Spirit to do it. As told in John 16:13-15, the Holy Spirit will act as your guide to take you into the depths of personal abiding and further unity with God.

As you begin to understand the beauty of abiding, I also will show you that it is possible to fully understand and walk into God’s personal will for you through a beautiful process called unity. This will be especially beneficial both in your married life or with your close personal friends, if you are single.

Throughout our lives, we will be confronted with daily decisions. When we abide, God will reveal all His beautiful and wonderful plans through these decisions and will do so in a way that is fully relatable.

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