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Life in Forgiveness

Life in Forgiveness

To forgive or not to forgive? Most of us have grappled with this question or have had to ask it of others. The answer is usually plagued by a complexity of emotions and feelings tied to an afflicted offense or series of conflicts. According to author Richard T. Case in his debut book, Life in Forgiveness, no matter how complicated the scenario or heinous the act, the answer is and should always be a resounding, yes.

The book profoundly explains that the journey to “yes” may not be so simple and the process might look different for each of us. Advocating boundaries in reconciliation, Case uses the example of his own challenging relationship with his domineering mother in years past and recounts his battle to forgive and reconcile. Having led a successful marriage ministry and hosted many retreats for couples along with his wife of nearly 45 years, Case has helped many receive the truth and gives practical solutions for how to always live in forgiveness and how to process through reconciliation from a biblical perspective.

Life in Forgiveness examines the consequences of letting anger and bitterness fester and is a powerful reminder that “your heart will be held captive,” if you don’t live in forgiveness all the time with all people. In this page-turner, you will find answers to the hard questions of how to honor, respect and be kind to those with whom you are in conflict and how to reconcile when there is no remorse or admission of offense on the other side. The book gently reminds us that no matter what, this is what Christ commands, just as He has freely offered forgiveness to us.

Throughout the Life in Forgiveness, Case provides understanding of:

  • What is unforgiveness
  • Three ways we respond to emotional wounds
  • The various ways hurt manifests
  • Looking beyond the physical to the spiritual
  • The role of selfishness in conflict
  • A biblical look at failing and falling
  • What love has to do with forgiveness
  • The difference between forgiveness and reconciliation
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in forgiveness
  • What living a life in forgiveness should look like

Ending with frequently asked questions and answers, there is not a more in-depth look at how to process through unforgiveable situations and relationships with forgiveness and love. This book takes you on an emotional joy ride of introspection and reconciliation with yourself, God and the people who most need forgiveness in your life.

“I’ve known Rich Case for many years. We belong to a men’s group that meets weekly on a conference call to discuss and study biblical truths. He has personally helped me, as well as other men in our circle, grow in our understanding of walking with God and applying biblical truths to our everyday lives…”

– Ken Blanchard

From the Foreword

“Rich Case is gifted to uniquely deal with this universal malady. He has helped numerous couples achieve the forgiveness and joy that had been elusive to them. He has helped CEOs, as well as church leaders, take their relationships to higher levels.”

–Dr . Richard Blackaby
President of Blackaby Ministries International
Author of Experiencing God, The Seasons of God

Walk Down the Path to Greater Peace and Forgiveness

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